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Slab Leak Repair Services

One of the most cumbersome plumbing problems you may have the misfortune of experiencing in your Dallas area home is a leak in a concrete slab in your basement or an underground leak in your yard.

This type of plumbing emergency requires immediate slab leak repairs, or pipe re-routing and needs to be looked into right away by an experienced plumber.

At Escobar & Sons Plumbing, we have the expertise and know-how to deal with any slab leak repair issue. Remember that a situation like this is an emergency and could cause extensive damage to your residential or commercial property if it is not addressed effectively and promptly.

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You should learn a little bit about this type of very serious plumbing problem in order to better understand the services we offer to correct the problem at Escobar & Sons Plumbing.

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What happens when a slab leak develops?

This type of plumbing system malfunction arises when there is a pipe leak in lines carrying water that run beneath the concrete on the bottom level of a home. Very often this concrete is part of the basement floor. In problem situations, a pipe can burst because it has become damaged in some way causing problems you usually will notice.

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The big problem with this type of situation is that moisture that comes into contact with a concrete slabs can compromise the strength of the foundation over time. This is why you will need appropriate slab leak repair as soon as possible. A leaky pipe will lead to a situation where the foundation begins to erode away. This can create a lot of very serious structural problems if it continues and is not corrected properly.

How are slab leaks caused?

This type of plumbing problem can be caused by many different scenarios that can easily occur in just about any type of home. General age is typically a factor in the developing of this type of plumbing issue.

A problem could arise simply because construction was not initially carried out properly and the pipes were damaged during construction. Pipes themselves are sometimes defective. Other situations that could cause this type of plumbing emergency include when there is some type of shifting in the ground beneath the slab as a result of a weather event.

Another of the common slab leak causes is that tree roots are growing around the pipes and cause the pipes to become stressed and eventually burst because of their growth.

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What are the most common symptoms of a slab leak?

One of the best things homeowners can do to minimize the amount of damage to their home that they can experience from this problem is to know what the symptoms of needing a slab leak repair are.

Symptoms of Slab Leak Dallas TX-Escobar & Sons Plumbing Mesquite TX 75150

Picking up on the symptoms will allow you to call a plumber right away so that leak detection can be carried out to find out what exactly is wrong and where the leak is located.

Some of the common symptoms of this plumbing problem include an unexplained sound of water running inside the walls of the home or unusual mold growth on the ceiling, walls, or floor of a home.

Water stains developing in the walls of a home or in the ceiling could be another prominent symptom.

There are some more subtle symptoms that homeowners should also be aware of like an unexplained increase in the water bill prices or the accumulation of puddling water around a home’s exterior near the foundation.

If you see any of the above mentioned symptoms, it’s in your best interests to get in touch with a licensed plumber right away for immediate slab leak repair because the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage is likely to be over time.

What are the Options to fix your Slab Leak?

When leak detection is carried out and the problem is caught early on, there are many different things that can be done to remedy the issue. If piping is being damaged because of ground forces, it could be necessary to reroute pipe so that it avoids the stressors and will be undisturbed by any ground movement or ground forces.

If there is extensive damage to pipes in a home, the best solution to an issue where a foundation slab is becoming damaged by water could be to repipe house entirely. This can be a big job, but it is also highly necessary in many cases. If pipes are faulty, leakages can continue to develop in other places until the problem becomes increasingly extensive. It’s best to fix the entire problem and prevent future occurrences by a repiping the house rather than having to deal with recurrences that come up down the road.

If water damage to the slab has been extensive, it may be necessary to engage in underslab repair work to fix damage that has already been done. A slab damaged by water needs to be fortified in some way, or components may need to be replaced if possible.

In the event that sewer lines have been damaged, trenchless sewer repairs are often a good solution to the problem. This will make any leakages less likely to develop in the future. Call Orlando Escobar today if you suspect a possible slab leak to schedule a time for an evaluation and solution to your Dallas Slab Leak Repair needs.

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